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For Research Associations

Being members of research associations ourselves, we appreciate the great work of volunteers from all over the world!

Sustainability can only succeed when lived as a team-effort – let’s see how to go about it

Collaborations with Associations from all over the World

You and your association love science and share this passion with all the people around you. However, we all leave a footprint. Thinking about environmental catastrophes and unforeseeable changes can be scary. Nobody knows what will happen.

Probably every researcher would opt for more sustainable solutions right away, but how to implement them? How to ensure that processes and experiments will not be impaired?


Understand how to improve research while minimizing its environmental impact. Learn from the experiences and solutions other came up with. And because research associations connect the most open and engaged researchers, you will be able to make the difference!

An Impression of What We Do

A Brief Taste fo our Content

Events & Workshops

We give events for specific audiences. For example, we gave talks for Early Career Researchers or Scientists from Africa. However, most well known is probably our annual conference called GreenLaboratoryWork. Overall we share:

–  Approaches to Make Research Sustainable

–  Concrete Solutions

–  Networking and Introducing other Initiatives and Companies

Protocols and Guides

We share the solutions we found in our own research and guide you on how to implement these changes. We also distribute the experiences of others because we are all in the same boat! Find two examples below:

Sharing Knowledge

We believe that sustainablility is a team-effort. Therefore, we write posts for blogs and join podcasts or webinars.

Science Around The Globe

Science Around The Globe is an international network made up by research associations from various backgrounds and with international, continental and national research. Its goal is to facilitate outreach and growth. For instance, they assist the connection to universities and tasks such as social media communication.

We are a core partner of Science Around The Globe because they deeply appreciate importance of sustainability in our work and for onboarding new talent. We are available if scientists are interested in exploring opportunities or if groups aim for driving change. Of course, we would be thrilled to have you join us as well!

Junior Sections

Numerous young scientists and early-career researchers exhibit a strong passion for sustainability. When nourished properly, it can foster scientific engagement. This is what prompted us to engage with various junior sections. We have had a special understanding for the perspective of upcoming scientists because parts of our Team were member in Junior Sections too.

We believe that an investment into the education of the youth in terms of sustainable approaches and good scientific practice, holds great promise for the future. Eventually, they will take over what we are building now. Hence, we actively partner with research associations to engage their junior members and, naturally, assist them in attracting new participants by offering workshops and events focused on sustainability

Getting Sustainability To You

A Conviction

You think it is inspiring when people enrich their surrounding and constantly help to improve? Do the first step with us and let us broaden the horizon of your colleagues!

Enrich Your Audience with Sustainability

With a single event or a series workshops we get you going. If you prefer, with consultation and meetings long-term to support you all the way. Whether big or small, once we understand your vision, we’ll organize everything independently, including coordinating the advertisement with you.

Reach Out To Us

Contact Reserach Associations

For Sustainability Initiatives

We are always happy to exchange and share thoughts! Join us and the  International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL), Sustainable European Laboratories network, LEAF, Labconscious, NIUB, Green labs Austria and many more!

Partnering For Sustainability

We know …

Undoubtedly, Kerstin knows Nicole – and she is in touch with Kathy. While Kathy works with Star, who has heard about Martin, she also chats with Kerstin on conferences such as GreenLaboratoryWork.

What is missing? That people outside our network profit from our private connections!

Our Goal

The individuals we’ve connected with hold a plethora of incredible concepts. It’s crucial that these ideas reach researchers’ ears. Meeting someone who shares similar ambitions is truly re-energizing.

However, these solutions often remain confined within a limited circle. Our own experiences suggest that this is mainly because of time constraints. Volunteers are already managing numerous commitments and may not have the time for meetings or outreach efforts. Some might also feel a bit too shy, although this isn’t a requirement at all. Our goal is to foster exchange and collaboration!     

What Is in for You

 We believe that the benefits won’t be limited to researchers alone; volunteers within each initiative will also profit.

Combining insights and experiences can lead to powerful and innovative solutions. Furthermore, this expands the audience listening, and providing them with a comprehensive view of the sustainability landscape. Bringing us all closer to our goal of achieving more sustainable science!

Moreover, as tasks can be divided, volunteers can allocate time and receive support for the challenges they face. Essentially, this simplifies their lives without compromising their dedication.

How to Connect

No need to overthink! We do not bite – only our dogs do ; ) In just 20 minutes we will find the right solution for you

Contact By Initiatives

For Companies

You have an amazing solution, and want people all over the world to know about it?

However, often people judge prematurely. They stick with what they are used to and because they are researchers, they are naturally skeptical.

arrow arc

Whether it is a lighter tube, optimized support chains or a revolutionary innovation, you should get it across. Few know how much energy, time and money companies invest to support sustainability … We believe that great solutions deserve to be heard.

Let us take action, otherwise sustainable solutions remain possibilities.

Get Your Solutions Across

We treat our partners like friends – with kindness, openness and honesty. We are passionate about partnering with other businesses to exchange solutions B2B and B2C. However, we only share what truly resonates with our independent convictions.

Do We Advertise?

A Clear Yes

How else should people get to know about innovations?

We just don’t do it the traditional way

In our events we advertise solutions, just as we share publications about sustainability in the life sciences. We are committed to spreading the word because it takes companies significant amounts of money and effort to produce them. However, if no one uses them because no one knows about them, they cannot reduce our environmental impact. This is also why we sometimes share solutions B2B, connecting suppliers and producers to innovations and knowledge.

In essence, we raise awareness instead of creating television ads. And on top, we are so conceited that we add our own opinion to each piece.

Events & Conferences

Hosting Events for and with You

Our events are different, we have 3 core values:

Tailoring content with our partners to grasp the attention of the audience

Limiting monologues and engaging in dialogs and dynamically led presentations

Add relatability and pragmatism instead of just merely communicating facts

Articles & Blog-Post

We write with you – for you

We have written blog posts and publications and are happy to do so again because also we enjoy to get in touch with valuable and innovative ideas!

On a topic you choose

with our perspective

 We are happy to support the distribution and design of the advertisement.

We have written for multiple organizations such as the Federation of European Biochemical Societies.
What drives is to share new and engaging insights! There is one thing we do not do – just writing anything…

Consulting & Assessment

Supporting you with Experience from the Laboratory

We originally did not start out to consult.

However, companies asked and so we deliver because we saw that we can add value.

Yes, it is an investment in terms of time and money but even more importantly it requires vulnerability to hear others opinions.

We do not take this topic lightly. As long as you say our consulting did not help you, we do not accept payment. Only insofar we can pass our knowledge on to you, helps to make research more sustainable!

In 30 minutes we find the solution for your goals!

Why with Us?

No One Approaches Sustainability as We Do

For us, making a difference and bringing about change counts. That’s why we’ve developed a unique approach and understanding.

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You reach out and we get back to you within 24h.

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