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For Research Associations & Sustainability Initiatives

Probably every researcher would opt for more sustainable solutions right away, but how to implement them? How to ensure that processes and experiments will not be impaired?

Collaborations with Associations from all over the World
An Impression of What We Do

Events & Workshops



We organize talks & workshops for various audiences.


Most of our own events are virtual, however, especially work workshops an in person event often is more feasible!

We write articles and create social media content about the solutions we found


We also distribute the experiences of others because we are all in the same boat!

We have been at conferences and joined a number of podcasts.


Therefore, whatever you have in mind, we are happy to try out new avenues for sharing sustainability!

E.g., we have been hosting events for professors and crafted a session dedicated to African PhD students.

E.g., a sustainability series of articles for the Federation of Biochemical Societies

E.g., a podcast for the Junior Section of the International Society of Computational Biology

Junior Sections

Numerous young scientists and early-career researchers exhibit a strong passion for sustainability. 

We have a special understanding for the perspective of upcoming scientists because parts of our team are members in Junior Sections /Trainee Initiatives too!

Hence, we actively partner with research associations to engage their junior members. As we have previously done, we help you by offering workshops and events (online and in person) focused on sustainability.

Getting Sustainability To You

A Conviction

You think it is inspiring when people enrich their surrounding and constantly help to improve? Do the first step with us and let us broaden the horizon of your colleagues!

Enrich Your Audience with Sustainability

With a single event or a series workshops we get you going. If you prefer, with consultation and meetings long-term to support you all the way. Whether big or small, once we understand your vision, we’ll organize everything independently, including coordinating the advertisement with you.

Reach Out To Us

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Join us and our partners all around the globe – from the  International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL), Sustainable European Laboratories network (SELs), LEAF, Labconscious, NIUB, Green labs Austria and many more!

Partnering For Sustainability
Our Goal

Sustainable solutions are oftne shared only within confined circles… We know that volunteers manage numerous commitments already, not leaving much time for other activities. Neverthless, that means the wheel is reinvented multiple times around the globe…


Thus, we want to empower our community to
1) get their insights to the right audiences 

2) help indesigning their insights into a digestible and actionable format

What Is in for You

You have been working hard to come up with more sustainable solutions – now, it is time to share those. You will get your ideas across and have scientists all over the world know about your initiative! Of course, combining insights and experiences will lead to new innovative solutions as well.

As we are here to help, you save time! Yes, the thing we all lack the most. Since we already have the connections and skills to create captivating content, we are happy to share them insofar it will help scientists becoming more sustainable.

How to Connect

No need to overthink! We do not bite – only our dogs do ; ) In just 20 minutes we will find the right solution for you

Contact By Initiatives

For Companies

You have an amazing solution, and want people all over the world to know about it?

However, often people judge prematurely. They stick with what they are used to and because they are researchers, they are naturally skeptical.

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Whether it is a lighter tube, optimized support chains or a revolutionary innovation, you should get it across.
We believe that great solutions deserve to be heard.

Get Your Solutions Across

We treat our partners like friends – with kindness, openness and honesty. We are passionate about partnering with other businesses to exchange solutions B2B and B2C. However, we only share what truly resonates with our independent convictions.

Do We Advertise?

A Clear Yes

We just don’t do it the traditional way

In our events we advertise solutions, just as we share publications about sustainability. We are committed to spreading the word because it takes companies significant amounts of money and effort to produce them. However, if no one uses them, they cannot reduce our environmental impact. This is also why we share solutions B2B, connecting suppliers and producers to new innovations and solutions.

Events & Conferences

We invite you to join us in order to share the latest innovations in equipment & items that make science greener!

Why we believe it is worth joining us:

If you do not work with us, here are 3 common mistakes to avoid:

A) Communicating facts is only part of the equation. No body can relate to how much 100 kg of CO2 equivalents are. What do they actually mean in terms of effort, health or money?

B) Tell, dont report. Having a certification or new innovation is honorable but when communicating, it is crucial to share what effort actually went into it. Tell the story of getting there too!

C) Go deeper. No one books a babysitter to take care of their children. They book one because it means having a date with their partner or being able to finally drop off responsibility.

Articles & Blog-Post

We write with you – for you

On a topic you choose

with our perspective

We have written for multiple organizations in various formats.
Whether it is for Linkedin, a website or a blog here you find expertise, reputation and an engaging style.

Consulting & Assessment

Supporting you with Experience from the Laboratory

In 30 minutes we find the solution for your goals!

Why with Us?

No One Approaches Sustainability as We Do

For us, making a difference and bringing about change counts. That’s why we’ve developed a unique approach and understanding.

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You reach out and we get back to you within 24h.

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