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Making your Laboratory more Sustainable

We appreciate sustainability as a way to optimize research practices. When we make our work more efficient, we will automatically reduce our footprint but also benefit from other economical, mental and scientific perks.

We discuss all these topics in our events. However, to create a long lasting impact, we alos summarized some of our insights for you to get an impression.

Benefits of Sustainable Practice
How To Get Started

0. Just start with what comes to mind

It does not matter what it is or how trivial it seems - grab the low hanging fruit and build momentum just by starting. It is about following your gut, the rest follows automatically.

An outline

Protocols, Guides & the Industry

Concrete Guides and Steps for You

These guides are meant to provide an overview and introduction to various topics. They should enable you to get a basic idea & structure your resources and energy.

Guides & Introductions

Communication & Sharing

How to convince your coworkers? How to talk to your boss when wanting to optimize a process? Or the other way around, how to make your group excited about sustainability? Here we share some fundamentals on how one can communicate sustainability more effectively. Remember, it is still a sensitive topic and many people mix emotions related to politics, economy, and personal opinions when discussing sustainability.

Protocols & Inspiration

Stepping Outside the Laboratory

Ever heard of initiatives called “flying less”? In some conferences, the footprint caused by the participants flying to the event makes up most of the environmental impact. Let’s introduce you to the topic.

Understanding the Actors

Sustainability is a big topic, it plays are role in politics, economy, our everyday lives and of course research. Who are the actors that we should consider when implementing change for sustainability? Who carries which kind of responsibility and whom can you leverage for your goals? We have the answers ready for you.

Plastic, Energy, and Water

We know what sustainability in a lab is about … right? Let dive a bit deeper into the common targets of sustainable practice and discover the background to these topics. Learn why recycling of plastics is so complicated and why saving water is not the primary reason for using normal instead of deionized distilled water.

Space, Equipment & Buildings

Confused? What has laboratory space and buildings to do with sustainability in research? Our guide gives the answer. We shine light on some less often discussed topics in the field. Although you might not be able to change the layout of your laboratory, you can leverage your knowledge to make the most out of it. Furthermore, we will share some impressive numbers that will help you to convince your colleagues when talking about how to organize your space.

You need a new ally on your side? Sharing insights and approaches is at the heart of sustainable practice.

Collaborating With Universities

What Universities Teach Today Shapes our Future

You Are Lucky – You Have Found the Right Partner

The students in our team allow us to stay connected to current thinking and challenges

The more advanced members enable us to share the solutions that reliably work

3 Reasons to Educate on Sustainability


Escpecially young students are attracted by programs that offer education on sustainability


Sustainability is a value for many and thus, a great way to engage and build a feeling of connection


High electricity bills? Spending big on trash without recycling plastic at all? There is a solution!

Let’s Talk How Sustainability Fits to You

Sharing Experiences & Help

Sharing Experiences from Each and Everyone

Draw inspiration from the strategies employed by others and learn from their experiences. No need to reinvent the wheel. However, if you happen to need help with the montage of your wheel, we can forward you to the specialists in the respective field!

Top 3 tips

Build a Culture of Sustainability

Culture is an essential aspect of all human interaction. Thus, leverage it: emphasize the power of small actions and collective impact. Whether it is turning off lights, unplugging equipment, regularly defrosting freezers, among other things. By integrating sustainability into everyday routines, you can successfully transform sustainability into a shared responsibility within your laboratory.

Address Fairy Tails

People carry numerous unspoken assumptions, presuppositions, and prejudices within their minds. Be courageous! Confront the inconvenient, and speak out loud what otherwise remains unaddressed. While one might initially assume a sense of awkwardness, people will feel relieved once the word is out and open up to discussion. Through this approach you can build trust and figure out the solution to the resistances that otherwise remain hidden.

Speak with Passion

How you express yourself is often as important as what you say. Therefore, speak with passion and share your love of the topic. To do so, make sure that you approach the situation with an open mind to find a solution that truly convinces you. Before advocating for a solution you do not really believe in, address its shortcomings and ask for expertise. In this way you will move closer to your goal and at the same time people realize that you truly care for them and your cause instead of just selling an interest.

Do you find sharing these experiences valuable? Share your tips & tricks and become part of the community!

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