GreenLaboratoryWork 2024

A Step By Step Guide To Sustainability – From Acetonitrile to AI

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How to reduce the amount of plastic waste with the limited time we as scientists have?

This is why we host this Sustainability Summit! To save you time and effort, we share the experiences from experts!

Sustainability is not just a passion, it might be required for your next grant! We share how to get it without much effort.

Meet leading experts and innovations live on the 16th and 17th of July! If you cannot make it – no worries, we got you …

Join entirely for free and access all the recordings as well as resources until July 31st on our platform!

16th & 17th of July live + Recordings & Materials until 31st of July!

Registering today will allow you to join entirely for free – for sign ups at later stages we need to charge .

What, How And Why?

In short, GreenLaboratoryWork is an online summit that gives you a comprehensive course on how to make your laboratory or institute greener!

We are the only event that assembles all major sustainability initiatives and experts from green chemistry to sustainable computation to offer you the most exciting live talks, materials and networking opportunities.

New To Sustainability?

Not knowing where to start? Afraid to disturb processes? Feeling overwhelmed?

We, the organizers are scientists ourselves and show you how to navigate these challenges.

Who Is GreenLaboratoryWork?

GreenLaboratoryWork is the name of annual online summit. The organizers (we) are scientists from all around the world working like a nonprofit. Throughout the year we collaborate in the ReAdvance initiative to share of researchers in academia and industry can make their laboratories more sustainable. You can find out more about us right here!

6 Key Topics You Will Hear About

Every registrant can access the downloadable material and experience reports until July 31st!

16th & 17th of July live + Recordings & Materials until 31st of July!

Keynote Speakers

Trusted by all major sustainability initiatives, we are happy to provide you:

I2SL - Dr. Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar

The International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) is oldest sustainability initiative in science. Lead by Kathy, a PhD in chemistry with 15 years of laboratory research experience in chemistry and biochemistry, the University Alliance group is one of their most valuable programs – allowing her to share her rich experiences from various projects.
More about I2SL & Kathy

Beyond Benign - Dr. Juliana Vidal

Beyond Benign is the world biggest Green Chemistry initiative that brings sustainability not just to researchers and universities but also schools! We will have Juliana on who earned her Ph.D. in a Green Chemistry and Catalysis Group. Given her experience in both, doing research and teaching, she will bring the perfect mix for implementing and sharing sustainability.
More about BB & Juliana

My Green Lab - James Connelly

My Green Lab the biggest science focused sustainability nonprofit worldwide. They are the major force driving laboratories as well as companies extend their green efforts. We got James, their CEO who was instrumental for the stunning growth of the sustainability movement in the last few years. He will share more about the exciting future of sustainability in our laboratories!
More about MGL & James

NIUB - Dr. Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt

One of our partners from hour one, Kerstin, earned her doctorate in Microbiology. She then took the step to found NIUB in order to consult on the topics of sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Given her firsthand experience in the practical implementation of sustainability in companies and laboratories, she is the perfect fit to share about the nuances and challenges we all face!
More about NIUB & Kerstin

Green Your Lab - Dr. Fanny Yuen

Green Your Lab is a well-established sustainability initiative cofounded by Fanny. She obtained her PhD in Biotechnology and has experience in Nanotechnology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Furthermore, she supported companies in Process Scale-up and worked as a Process Technical Leader for billion-dollar brands.
More about GYL & Fanny

Adapting To Your Preferences

You Already Want To Learn About Sustainability In Science?

What We Believe In – Resolving Misconceptions

For Those Who Still Have Doubts About Sustainability In Science

Is it feasible?

We share how to implement solutions in sterile conditions and without impairing fragile experiments. Furthermore, we share how you can convince colleagues. You do not need to break laws to become more sustainable.

Does it make a difference?

Although it might seem that saving a few pipette tips is not much, if we all would do it, we might be able to cut the approx. 20 Million tons of plastic waste labs produce every year in half. Not to mention that all the freezers (we know of) that were run optimally saved to together more than 43 Million kWh (you could drive around the world 3000 times with your car for the same energy).

Does it help science?

You might be concerned that sustainability is not what will bring your research on the next level. You have our word that many sustainable practices optimize processes so that experiments run faster, smoother and often become more robust. The year long developments in analytical chemistry have shown what advances are possible, especially with reference to chromatography.

And in case you are interested in saving money or increasing safety for scientists, we can tell you right away that we will have plenty of examples.

When will sustainability end?

Finally, if you are currently uncertain whether you should afford the time, we can only advise so given that future regulation and funding bodies requiring change are not far – but that also means that having some experiences in your CV or proposal will certainly not hurt!